How to Protect Your Social Media Accounts from Hacking

Protect from HackerThere is no doubt Internet has made our lives pretty easy and simple. Now everything is going online. Our social life, important documents and files are all on the Internet. Therefore, it is important that one should be aware of some basic information about protecting personal information and data to stay on the safe hand side.

One thing is important here that your online data can not only be accessed by some individual but certain malwares and trojans can also access them if proper security measures are not taken.

Keep your social accounts protected:

Your social accounts have a lot of your private information. I am sure you would not want someone to get into your account and play with your online privacy. To avoid any kind of social media privacy breach by some hacker or tool it is important to keep your accounts protected with the latest protection methods.

Lately, two-layer account protection is quite popular. To activate this account protection method, you should verify your personal number with your social media account like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, etc. So, whenever you log in to your account, it will send a private code on your number and will ask for it to let you in your account.
Lately the most common search term in black-hat hackers world was how to hack Instagram accounts, says “HackerNews” portal.

If you have installed social media applications on your mobile, then it is recommended to have password or fingerprint protection activated on your phone. Apart from this, you can also download some third party application on your mobile which will allow you to set password for each application. This means that no one can open the application without entering the password. This is in fact a very handy and useful method.

Keep your Computer Protected:

Now one very basic security measure one can take to keep computer protected, is the use of a password. This is basic yet very useful. However, it is important that you should use long passwords containing alphabets, numbers and special characters. The longer and tougher your password is the harder it is to crack it.

As mentioned earlier, Trojans and malware can also access your data. Therefore, you should install a reliable and efficient virus protection program on your system. If you are using Windows 10, then I would recommend you to keep your Windows Defender updated, and it will offer protection against all types of viruses and malwares.

Last but not the least, you should also take some personal care in this regard. Avoid installing programs from non-trusted sources, do not open links in your emails from sources which are not verified and trusted.

Try these suggested methods and let us know what do you think about them.