How to Play PS2 Games on Android Phone using emulator Apk

PS2 emulator AndroidWe’re all witnesses how mobile phones running Android operating system are easily to manipulate and have bunch of all kind amazing apps to install into. But I couldn’t even imagine that this kind of one can even exist; PS2 Emulator called PS2Smart (Official Site). Why? Because when I take a look at my smartphone and compare it to PlayStation 2 console then I make a thought how this large piece of hardware can be so minimized to work properly as a small app installed into a mobile phone? Well at first I think everyone would imagine a same thing. But after a scientific judgement then it’s really a possible solution.

The PS2 was released in 2010. In that time technology was considerably less developed as it’s today. In that year smartphones still didn’t even existed, and mobile phones started to getting their first VGA cameras attached. This is why today when technology has advanced a lot all of these powerful features can be minimized into just one small device with strong software running inside.

This is why PS2 emulation on Android is possible today. Mobile phones has evolved so much we can freely call them portable computers. Because there is everything inside them: Strong multi-cores CPUs, HQ graphics, touch screens, HQ cameras ect. So why it wouldn’t be possible run 16 year old console PlayStation 2 games on it? It’s completely normal if you ask me.

Download & Installation

The PS2 Emulator APK is same like any other Android application and installation goes normally. You download it from its official website linked above.

Unzip PS2Smart on your device and get it ready for playing. The BIOS file already exists inside the directory so you don’t have to waste your time and energy searching for it around the web.

Games you’re going to play are included within the program. Go to it’s game tab and connect to the emulator’s database of all PlayStation 2 games which are uploaded to its server. All of them are free and ready to play immediately. You can download them on your device to play them whenever you want if you don’t have WiFi available.

That would be it about this topic guys. Get this amazing app and enjoy playing epic PS2 games on your smartphone!