Instagram Hack tool by Extreme Programming team

From the title you surely think this software is built for illegal activities like to hack someones Instagram password and steal their account. But its main purpose why it got created at first place is quite different!

Extreme Programming developers decided to make a password reset solution for those users who forgot their login details completely. Which means they lost password along with email account they’ve used when signed up for IG profile. So this tool’s primarily purpose is to catch password from Instagram’s private server where all secret data is stored.

Instagram hacking software

Well now things starting to smell some kind suspicious. How come developers claim their software is white-hat but it’s leaking private data from Instagram’s secured server?
We’ve decided to get deeper into this and emailed developers about this. They replied that by their terms of service this application should be only used for this account recovery need. Not for anything else, including hacking other people profiles.

So by my conclusion what creators did while they were working on this program (crack IG’s database to leak private data) makes illegal activity. But from the other hand, using same application is not illegal as long users respect rules and use it just to get back their lost/hacked or forgotten login password(s).

Stated App can be found and gathered from Extreme Programming website.

It’s made in two versions; As desktop computer one for Mac and Windows. And as a mobile app (iOS and Android).