How to Speed up Your Slow Windows Computer

Have you ever been faced with a rather slow working PC and yet you have loads of work to do? If the answer is yes then you will appreciate the following tips which will help you speed up your Windows PC. There are a number of reasons attached to a PC’s slowness some of which include; resource-hungry programs, malware, adware and low disk space.

Slow PC

Let’s have a look at how you can speed up your PC running Microsoft’s operating system.

Look out for resource-hungry programs
Go to Task Manager and click the ‘CPU’, ’Disk’ and ‘Memory’ headers to find those programs that are consuming a lot of your machine’s resources. In order to arrive at the Task Manager Window, you will have to right-click your taskbar and look for ‘Task Manager’ or you will have to press Ctrl+Shift+Escape. Be sure to close the program that is utilizing plenty of resources. You can select ‘End Task’ to force-close it in case it fails to close normally.

Cut down on animations
Animations tend to consume plenty of resources thus chewing up your PC’s speed. Be sure to reduce on the animations you have running on your PC. If you wish to disable animations, right-click the start button and select ‘system’ then ‘Advanced System Settings’ or press the Windows key+X.

Scan for Malware and Adware
You will have to routinely scan your PC for malware and Adware which are also known to slow down a Windows PC. You can scan for malware or adware through the antivirus program you have installed on your PC.

Free up disk space and defragment your hard disk
You can free up disk space by getting rid of programs you don’t need or getting rid of files you don’t use. You can utilize the Disk cleanup tool to help with the process. In addition, you can defragment your hard disk especially if you are using older versions of Windows since newer versions automatically defragment the hard disk.

Use Windows Defender
Microsoft has lately improved their own Windows defender and offers protection against all type of viruses. So, it is highly recommended to use Windows Defender instead of a third party virus protection software. These third party software take a lot of your system resources and make it slow. So, to speed up your system remove third virus protection software right away.