How you can get Hacked with a Keylogger

KeyloggerIn today’s world, spying is a tad bit easier with the advancement in technology than years gone by. Nowadays, it is easy to know who is saying what and to who through the mobile or internet, in addition to what messages, pictures and videos are being shared. As far as spying is concerned, keyloggers or keystroke loggers are hardware devices or small programs that are used to monitor each keystroke typed by a given user on a given computer keyboard. In the hardware format, it takes the form of a small-battery-sized plug that connects the computer to the user’s keyboard. Whenever a key is typed, the device collects and saves it as a text in a miniature hard drive. Later on, the person responsible for installing this software can then return, physically access the device and check out the stored information.

Used as a program on the other hand, no physical access to the user’s computer is required. All that is needed is for the program to be downloaded by the person wishing to monitor a given computer’s activities and executed as part of a remote administration or rootkit trojan horse. Basically, a keylogger program consists of two files-DLL (Dynamic Link Library) and an executable file.(EXE) that have to be installed in the same directory. When the program is installed, each keystroke is recorded and uploaded over the internet to the person responsible for the installation. This means, that person who installed it will get all the information (password and other important details).

In addition to this, some apps use both keylogging and brute-force technologies built inside their systems. One of these is “Email Hacker” tool.

Generally speaking, these tools are meant to be used by parents to monitor their children’s activities over the internet. However, other people too tend to use them, some with bad intentions and others with fairly good intentions. In essence, computer users can be spied and hacked upon with the help of keyloggers. Each keystroke typed into the keyboard is recorded and later reviewed by the person spying on you and that information is at their mercy!

Therefore, if you tend to use a keylogger then we would recommend you to use them for the right purpose. Online fraud laws are getting strict day by day. If you intend to use keyloggers with some bad intentions, then you may have to face the law if found guilty.