Handle Files and Web Searches using Wox software (Windows 10)

The easiest way to describe Wox is as a plugin launcher that works for Windows that is used to handle files and web searches, as well as other operations that can be accessed using the software hotkey utility.

Wox software

The main functionality of Wox is pretty similar to the offerings of other file launchers such as Launchy for Windows. You only need to bring the program prompt with the shortcut Alt-Space, after that is done, you can start typing to find any file on the local system or run a web search is you need it.

Local searches are powered by a utility named “Everything,” that is reputed for being one of the fastest third-party search engines working for Windows. The direct result is that you will receive results as you type them.

Wox – The Works and the Features

When you use Wox, you can also launch the results presented to you by the utility by merely using the mouse or by choosing it with the “enter” key on your keyboard. Aside from launching applications this way, you can also open non-executable files, folder, as well as system settings using.

Since Wox is considered a program beyond the scope of a simple app, it ships with a few preinstalled plugins that can add more functionality to the launcher. The utility can replace Windows commands so you can run new settings from the interface directly. There is also a system command option to shut down or restart your device by using this interface.

Wox also has the following list of features after being installed for the first time:

  • A calculator to handle basic mathematical operations
  • A shell to run commands from the Wox interface and replace Windows-R
  • A preview of hex colors that can be accessed by typing the color code
  • Control panel access to any item directly.
  • The “Everything” algorithm to find any local files, programs or folders
  • A folder manager
  • A software manager to search for programs using Wox
  • System Commands to run all the settings of the machine
  • An URL manager to open any web addresses
  • A web search engine

These are just the tip of the iceberg. After the initial installation, you will find more at least fifty different plugins on the Wox website that can be installed on top of the ones that are already offered with Wox. Some of the most useful are the plugins to translate text, or to reveal an IP address. There is also a tool to convert currencies as well.

Working with the Additional Apps

These additional plugins can be installed by running the wpm install command using the interface of the software and by adding the name of the plugin after it. The settings also let you change the behavior of the program. You will be able to change the number of results displayed there for instance. You can also configure Wox to hide something when it’s not useful.

Other options include the change of the default mode of hotkeys to bring up the prompt. You can also configure and disable the plugins you are not using, and change the theme of the interface to make it look more to your liking.

Try this software. It can help you get organized in the Windows environment with ease in a short time!