Handle Files and Web Searches using Wox software (Windows 10)

The easiest way to describe Wox is as a plugin launcher that works for Windows that is used to handle files and web searches, as well as other operations that can be accessed using the software hotkey utility.

Wox software

The main functionality of Wox is pretty similar to the offerings of other file launchers such as Launchy for Windows. You only need to bring the program prompt with the shortcut Alt-Space, after that is done, you can start typing to find any file on the local system or run a web search is you need it.

Local searches are powered by a utility named “Everything,” that is reputed for being one of the Read more “Handle Files and Web Searches using Wox software (Windows 10)”

How to Protect Your Social Media Accounts from Hacking

Protect from HackerThere is no doubt Internet has made our lives pretty easy and simple. Now everything is going online. Our social life, important documents and files are all on the Internet. Therefore, it is important that one should be aware of some basic information about protecting personal information and data to stay on the safe hand side.

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How to install Windows 10 Operating System – Tutorial

Windows 10 is the latest entrant in the Windows operating system. So how do you go about installing it? The steps you will take are much like the steps you would take while installing any other version of Windows. You can either upgrade from an older Windows operating system or you can perform a clean install or install a completely fresh system. When you decide to go with a Windows 10 upgrade what will happen during the process is that old files, programs and settings from your previous Windows system will be brought into your new one.

In case you wish to completely install a fresh Read more “How to install Windows 10 Operating System – Tutorial”

How to Play PS2 Games on Android Phone using emulator Apk

PS2 emulator AndroidWe’re all witnesses how mobile phones running Android operating system are easily to manipulate and have bunch of all kind amazing apps to install into. But I couldn’t even imagine that this kind of one can even exist; PS2 Emulator called PS2Smart (Official Site). Why? Because when I take a look at my smartphone and compare it to PlayStation 2 console then I make a thought how this large piece of hardware can be so minimized to work properly as a small app installed into a mobile phone? Well at first I think everyone would Read more “How to Play PS2 Games on Android Phone using emulator Apk”

How you can get Hacked with a Keylogger

KeyloggerIn today’s world, spying is a tad bit easier with the advancement in technology than years gone by. Nowadays, it is easy to know who is saying what and to who through the mobile or internet, in addition to what messages, pictures and videos are being shared. As far as spying is concerned, keyloggers or keystroke loggers are hardware devices or small programs that are used to monitor each keystroke typed by a given user on a given computer keyboard. In the hardware format, it takes Read more “How you can get Hacked with a Keylogger”

How to Speed up Your Slow Windows Computer

Have you ever been faced with a rather slow working PC and yet you have loads of work to do? If the answer is yes then you will appreciate the following tips which will help you speed up your Windows PC. There are a number of reasons attached to a PC’s slowness some of which include; resource-hungry programs, malware, adware and low disk space.

Slow PC

Let’s have a look at how you can speed up your PC running Microsoft’s operating system. Read more “How to Speed up Your Slow Windows Computer”